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As a bi-racial and bi-cultural artist, I enjoy the process of personal exploration through film and photography. Much of my independent work is self-reflexive--an examination of what it means to navigate a life between two contrasting worlds.


My earliest memories are filled with a fascination of the moving image. I instinctively understood the power of film as means of storytelling and wanted to participate in the production of it. When I was seven, my father, a retired photographer/filmmaker who recognized my affinity, bought me my first camcorder. I have been capturing still and moving images ever since. In high school, after making my first documentary, A Culinary Journey Towards Good Health, which explores my Chinese/American identity through food, I realized that film can serve as an incredible tool of reflection and self-growth.


In college, I majored in film and media studies while simultaneously pursuing my other passion--jazz music. I made several experimental shorts, some for which I composed the soundtracks. I had several opportunities to produce using 16mm film and developed and appreciation for this “archaic” medium.


Now located in Washington D.C. area, I am taking advantage of the abundant opportunities the city offers. Through still photography and film production, I aspire to make my mark by challenging not only my beliefs but also the beliefs of others regarding the rich pageant of our bounteous, yet often discordant, world.


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